“I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, To put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die Discover that I had not lived.”

- Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862

Effexis Achieve Planner

I have been on a look out for an effective planning software. Something a bit more than the standard to-do list one find in the Microsoft Outlook.

Then I happen to bump into the RPM Life Plan system by Tony Robbins. Its a great concept, makes a lot of sense on how it should work. But when I tried out the software - boy...this is one tough planner to LEARN! Yes, you will need to learn how to use it and it came with a lenthy manual and god knows how many hours of audio tapes in order to fully appreciate the application of RPM. I spend many hours trying to figure it out and finally, I gave up. The software was too buggy to begin with and the concept of top down life planning was taking up way too much time for it to be efficient in anyway. Its like trying to understand how and why a car can or should move, while all you wanted to do is move from one place to another. Its getting senseless, so I decided to drop it.

Then I surfed the net and came into the Achieve Planner software. Similar to the RPM, using the same methodology but this window based software is much more user friendly. Its also not as buggy as the RPM. Its still my first day of using this, which means that I am still learning and have not been able to do a great deal yet but thus far, this has been the best planner software I have came across.

Heres some info on the Achieve Planner.

Achieve Planner Summary / Description

Achieve Planner is a personal time management software application for Windows that helps you get organized, increase your productivity, and make better use of your time.

Some of the main features include hierarchical project/task outliners, a weekly calendar with support for weekly planning, ABCD prioritization of projects & tasks, comprehensive life planning, and synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.

Achieve Planner is designed to help busy people take control of their schedule, organize projects and tasks, and get things done using sound time management principles.

By combining project management functionality with a weekly schedule and hierarchical to-do lists, Achieve Planner goes a step beyond what traditional planners offer. Its clean and intuitive interface helps you easily capture everything that you need to do in one central place.

Achieve Planner works by separating projects from their tasks. Instead of having a single to-do list full of unrelated activities, Achieve Planner provides a project list that gives you an overview of the various projects you are working on.

Each project then gets its own task list to store the individual action steps for that project. You can break up big items into smaller steps using as many levels as you need, and easily hide unwanted details.

The resulting project list is much smaller and easier to manage than a traditional to-do list because all the details are stored separately.

Achieve Planner allows you to concentrate on your major outcomes, and only look at the low-level details when you actually need them. You can then use the color-coded ABCD system to prioritize your projects and tasks and focus on what is most important.

After you have organized your projects and tasks, you can use Achieve Planner's calendar to schedule meetings and appointments, and to perform weekly planning.

In general, it is more effective to work on related tasks for a block of time, rather than jumping from one unrelated task to another. The reason is that it takes a certain amount of time to "switch gears" when you work on several unrelated tasks.

Achieve Planner uses "project blocks," which represent blocks of time that you have committed to a particular project, to help you focus on project specific tasks.

You can think of project blocks as appointments with yourself to get your important work done. Achieve Planner even provides a weekly planning wizard that allows you to choose how much time you want to commit to different projects during the upcoming week, and then schedule corresponding time blocks in the calendar.

During the week, you can easily rearrange your schedule in case your priorities shift, or something unexpected comes up.

It's easy to learn to use Achieve Planner. The Getting Started wizard gives you an overview of all the main features. Plus, there is extensive documentation available in the training center, which includes a comprehensive time management training course with video tutorials that guide you through every step of the process.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who has to work with several projects, a professional working from home who needs more structure to get things done, or a busy corporate professional who needs to make better use of his/her time, Achieve Planner has all the tools that you need to work more effectively and take control of your time.

Achieve Planner runs under 2000/XP/2003/Vista, costs $79.94(US) for the Pro edition and $99.94(US) for the productivity suite edition that also includes life planning features.

You can download a free 30-day trial version of Achieve Planner at http://www.effexis.com/achieve/

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